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The best there is!


At Home of Blu, we see all sorts of furry friends, and sometimes, those furry friends come with some behavioural challenges. That's where Thomas, the absolute best dog trainer in Northern Ireland (and possibly beyond!), comes in!

We can't recommend Thomas highly enough!

Here's why:

  • Miraculous Results: We've seen countless cases where Thomas has transformed even the most reactive or out-of-control dogs.

  • Honest & Effective Techniques: Thomas doesn't use gimmicks – his methods are honest, effective, and built on a deep understanding of canine behaviour.

  • Down-to-Earth Approach: He's not just an expert; he's also a genuinely friendly and approachable person who puts both you and your dog at ease.

  • Located in Co. Armagh: Conveniently located for those in Northern Ireland!

Stop Struggling, Start Enjoying!

If you're struggling with your dog's behaviour, don't give up! Thomas can help.


Here's what some recent clients have to say:

"Before Thomas, walking my dog was a nightmare. Now, it's a pleasure!"

"He's an absolute miracle worker! After just one session, I can finally enjoy walks with my dog again."

Ready for a Change?

Scroll down below fill out the form or call explain your dog's specific issue. He'll get back to you ASAP and help you get on the road to a happier, more relaxed relationship with your furry companion!


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